How to Transition from Dance to Technology

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Hey there! I’m Tiago, and I’m excited to share my journey from contemporary dance to technology.

Join me as I outline the steps I am taking to embark on this thrilling new path.

Identifying the Desire for Change

I’ve started by Identifying the moment for a career change. For me, it was after facing a personal challenge and realizing the need for a new direction.

As an artist I embrace creativity and look for fields that allow me to express it. Technology, with its endless possibilities, seems like a perfect fit.

Exploring New Horizons

I have dived into the tech world. Starting with online courses and tutorials to get a feel for different areas like Web Development, Web Design or Digital Marketing.

I became somewhat discouraged by initial setbacks when I started courses that I didn’t complete, but with each setback, I learned something and kept trying.

Embracing No-Code Development

Recentrly i discovered the power of no-code tools. These platforms offer a simpler way to build websites and applications, perfect for visual learners like myself.

I enrolled in a specialized course to deepen my understanding of no-code development. No Code Institute can provide valuable guidance.

Overcoming Challenges

As I embrace the learning curve, I understand that career transitions are challenging. However, with determination, I can know I can overcome any barrier.

I’m seek support from online communities. Resources like The Odin Project and Free Code Camp offer a wealth of knowledge and encouragement.

Fostering Growth and Learning

I’m determined in learning. Diving into courses, materials and practice regularly to improve my skills.

Cultivating essential qualities such as focus and organization is crucial. These traits will be invaluable as I move through the complexities of the tech industry.

Setting Goals for the Future

I embrace the future with a positive outlook. Setting aspiring career goals in the tech industry and working towards achieving them with determination.

Considering how I can contribute to the tech community. I’m thinking how can I develop innovative solutions or share my knowledge with others.


As I continue on this transformative journey, I invite you to join me in embracing change and pursuing your passions. Remember, with determination and dedication, you can achieve success in any field, no matter where you start. Thank you for accompanying me on this exciting adventure!

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